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all in one drone

“Autonomous Personal AI Camera and Drone”

The PowerEgg X is a high-performance drone suitable for dynamic aerial photography thanks to its 4K Ultra HD, 60fps camera and shake-resistant triaxial mechanical stability augmentation gimbal. The user can control real-time 1080P image transmission within a distance of 6KM(FCC). PowerEgg X Wizard can take-off and land on water by installing waterproof shell and landing gear. Fly under heavy rain and enjoy water sports! It also has a maximum wind speed resistance of 29-38 kph to stably fly in coastal or windy conditions. The PowerEgg X has a flight time of 30 minutes. Thanks to front and bottom binocular depth sensors, PowerEgg X can detect the distance from an obstacle within a range of 20m in real-time and then land precisely. PowerEgg X is equipped with PowerVision’s patented SyncVoice technology to pick up high-fidelity sound using the mobile phone’s microphone or a wireless headphone and automatically synchronize the audio with the pictures. Smart following shooting and safe return intelligence means you can trust your drone to come back safely – handy for solo travelling and individual sports.

The PowerEgg X is not just a drone, it is also an Autonomous Personal AI Camera that can capture life’s beautiful moments anytime, anywhere with either a hand-held strap or a tripod. You can command your Autonomous Personal AI Camera by simply being in front of it and making a gesture. Through deep learning based on a database of gestures, the PowerEgg X supports motion recognition for photos, videos and group photos. Thanks to non-identifiable global big data, Automatic Composition delivers accurate multi-angle, remote face recognition and subject lock-on, putting you in the center with a field of view up to 170°. A battery life of 3.5 hours enables you to capture life as it happens!



Free shipping on orders over AUD $500

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    PowerEgg X Explorer / AUD$1499

    PowerEgg X aircraft, smart battery, charger, USB cable, hand-held strap, remote controller, extra propeller set anticlockwise/clockwise, carry-on case



    PowerEgg X Wizard / AUD$1999

    PowerEgg X aircraft, 2 smart batteries, waterproof shell, water landing gear, charger, USB cable, hand-held strap, remote controller, extra propeller set anticlockwise/clockwise, carry-on case